Spawn - Season 2

Spawn - Season 2
Spawn - Season 2

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Watch Spawn - Season 2

Synopsis Spawn - Season 2

Where do the dead belong in the world of the living? For this newest Spawn, moments of peace never come. Winter. Memories of his life as Al Simmons continue to haunt Spawn as more and more realizations about who he was and what he did come into view. Of the most painful is the realization that Al Simmons was murdered and burned by his partner, a fellow mercenary known as Chapel. This realization is one that Clown takes great joy in as he persists in taunting, haunting and tormenting the anguished Hellspawn, trying to push him over the edge.

  • image comics
  • based on comic book
  • suspense
  • supernatural power
  • spawn character

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