Hanna - Season 3

Hanna - Season 3
Hanna - Season 3

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Watch Hanna - Season 3

Synopsis Hanna - Season 3

In Season 3, Hanna is now secretly trying to destroy Utrax from the inside and free herself from its grasp with the help of her previous nemesis, former-CIA agent Marissa Wiegler. Together they have coerced high-ranking Utrax agent John Carmichael into aiding their mission, but her fellow young assassins, Sandy and Jules, as well as new foes are starting to suspect Hanna’s plot. As Hanna moves closer to her goal, she begins to uncover not only a world-changing agenda but the true power behind Utrax that stands between her and freedom.

  • assassin
  • based on film
  • female assassin
  • half orphan
  • blood

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