Evil Bong 777

Evil Bong 777
Evil Bong 777

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Synopsis Evil Bong 777

EVIL BONG 777 leaves off where last year’s EVIL BONG 666 left off. Our scowling weed-spewing Eebee is out of ‘Sexy Hell’ and heading to Sin City with danger on her tail. She’s joined by her whack pack of fabulous freaks: Faux Batty, Rabbit, Misty and The Gingerweed Man. Get ready for a tidal wave of smutty, skunky, surreal insanity as the gang gets into all manner of misadventures. Can Vegas handle this gaggle of ganja-fied weirdos?

  • stoner comedy
  • numbered sequel
  • sequel
  • bare breasts
  • b movie

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